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PVB Is an esports online business. Our biggest interest is gaming and clothing, which we will connect to one. Our goal is to provide you as a customer with first-class service and our unique brand that we believe in

Tack för du vill vara en del av vår resa.

What does PVB stand for?

PARI VA BIEN is a slang term in French that could be translated to that gambling is good.

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Behind all the equipment and hardware there is to buy, like glowing keyboards, and high resolution monitors, mouse pads are often overlooked. With that said, our proper mouse pad will add your gaming experience.


Who is Pontus Perlborn, in the Counter-Strike community people know him as GAMETANK. He is a former professional Counter-Strike Source player. GAMETANK has played with teams such as the Swedish national team, H2k, 30P etc. We are happy to collaborate with Pontus Gametank Perlborn.

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